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Since the “Culture, Ethnocide and Sovereignty” law was passed on March 18, 2023, International Pan-African Women’s Day has been part of the official calendar of the State of the African Diaspora (SOAD).

The Day commemorates the creation of PAWO (Pan-African Women Organization), founded on July 31, 1962, one year before the creation of the Organization of African Unity, now the African Union. Now an integral part of the African Union, PAWO is the AU’s agency for ensuring that women are treated equally to men, that they can take their full place in the African liberation agenda, and that their contribution is given the recognition it deserves.

On the occasion of this official Day, SOAD was privileged to welcome two exceptional women as guests of honour: Mrs Grace Kabayo, the General Secretary of PAWO, who introduced the organization, and also Dr Dlamini Zuma, the former Chairperson of the African Union Commission, and today South Africa’s Minister in the Presidency for Women, Youth and People with Disabilities.

In addition to these two remarkable guests, the Day provided an opportunity to put in place concrete actions, because as the Prime Minister regularly says, “commemoration must not be a substitute for action, it must be a springboard for action”.

The first of these actions was presented by Mrs. Pauline Chiripyananga, SOAD Minister for Women’s Economic and Social Development. She presented the 10-point Plan against sexism, which is proposed to cities, districts and provinces. The plan calls for action to combat sexism in employment, education and the economy, not forgetting gender-based and sexual violence, and offers concrete ways forward in each case. Several of the organizations invited to the ceremony have already adopted the plan, and are now working on its implementation.

Another important initiative was launched on July 31, this time by the Minister of Education, Mrs. Vimbai Chiwuswa. She signed a cooperation agreement with Professor Sidi Osho, who heads the University for Women Africa (UfWA) project. This University has already received support from UNESCO, and will comprise 80% girls and 20% boys. The aim is to organize cooperation between USOAD, the University of SOAD, and UfWA.

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